about home sweet
Home Sweet is a small textile design company specializing in hand-printed, environmentally friendly fabrics and home goods. Home Sweet’s designs draw inspiration from different eras and interior styles, resulting in patterns for your home that are both vintage and modern, timeless and current, fresh and accessible. Home Sweet is based in Greenwood, Delaware.

about me
I’m Jennifer Nelson. I’m the designer, block carver, ink mixer, printer, wife, mother and seamstress behind Home Sweet. When I discovered block printing, I knew I had found a craft that was a natural application of my creative process. I’m trained as a scientist, and have worked in the environmental field for the past decade- an unusual background for a designer, I think. But I’ve always been a creative person, and I’ve always had an appreciation for the process of making things. I love the repetitive, meditative act of printing and the subtle variability in the finished prints. There are so many different paints and colors, ground fabrics and sources of inspiration that I could print for the rest of my life and never exhaust all the possibilities.

why block printing?
When my husband and I bought a Craftsman-style house five years ago, I focused much of my creative energy on turning the house into our home. My husband and I were already enthusiasts of things old or handmade, and we relied on those things in order to blend his traditional and my eclectic style.

We’ve done our best to fill our house with things that were functional, sustainable, affordable and beautiful. Block printing is an old technique- authentic to our home’s style and period- but can be used to create modern fabrics. It’s a labor of love, because printing the fabrics by hand takes a lot of time, but I’m motivated by the finished products. They’re organic and beautiful, and the fact that I’ve invested myself in them gives them roots.