More rolling pin than I needed

I have lots of epic blog topics going on in my head. About 2011 and its challenges and blessings. About my heavenly new work schedule. About an astute observation that my husband made yesterday…

Better, I think, when my brain is swimming in these big ideas, not to talk about them at all, at least yet. Instead, I’ll tell you about my rolling pin.

You see, a successful block print takes a lot of pressure. I get the question a lot, as to what I use to transfer the print from the block to the fabric- a press? the heel of my hand?- and the answer is a rolling pin. I put the block down on the fabric, and I roll it. A lot. I lean into it. And the truth is, when I was pregnant with the baby, I developed a bit of carpal tunnel in my wrists, which is not helped much by all the pressing and rolling.

So when I saw this phenomenon at Kitchen & Company:

It’s so shiny! It’s big and heavy, with ergonomic handles. Add on the fact that it has a hole on one handle and I can hang it on the wall with my tools, and I cheerfully paid more for a rolling pin than I ever would have had my wrists been functioning normally.

Here it is next to my old rolling pin. You can see how much beefier it is!

I wish this was a happy story. Here’s the problem though. The rolling pin may be too much. For one thing, it is big and heavy. It doesn’t fit in the pocket of my apron like my old one. It does make for nice, even distribution of pressure, but then there’s this:

That, friends, is a crack in the Apple Blossom printing block.

Oh, the horror!

Not Apple Blossom!

(Don’t worry. I’ll fix it.)

Was it the new rolling pin that cracked the block? Or was it just the block’s time to go?

I’ll think about it while I’m at the table, retracing, recutting and remounting the hundred pieces that make up this printing block. In the meantime, maybe I’ll roll with old reliable (which never, not once, broke a printing block), just in case.


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