{me}longings video

Chanee from {me}longings studio posted up a brilliant and fun video on her website. In one minute and forty seconds, she captures her whole block printing and sewing process!

You can find it on her design story page. Enjoy!

{me}longings design story(One funny detail that I noticed is the band-aid that appears on one of her fingers sometime during the block cutting process. Accident prone as I am, it’s one reason that I use foam instead of lino!)

Josh Garrels and clarity


The other week, some friends and I were talking about how it’s not easy to find good Christian music. There’s just not a whole lot outside of the mainstream. We listen to plenty of secular music, but it would just be nice to find Christian musicians we really liked.

“Have you heard of Josh Garrels?” they asked? We had not.

We were missing out. He is amazing. His lyrics, his music. And his outlook, which is definitely outside the mainstream too. Case in point: for a year after the release of his last album, you could download it from the internet for free… now that’s unusual. He gave away 125,000 copies of the album. You can listen to many of the songs on his website for free- so head on over and try out “Ulysses”, “Farther Along” and “Beyond the Blue”.

I am so inspired- what must it take to give away so much of your livelihood for a year? It’s definitely reinforced my decision to offer freely the knowledge that I’ve gained about block printing.

Speaking of which, tutorials are in the works. How to creating a printing block, choosing fabrics, tips on good designs, how to print on fabric… check back!

In the meantime, here are a few other things that we’ve been working on this lovely September:

September Photo CollageClockwise from top left: Pretty colored berries that may inspire a new palette; Big brother took this cute picture of little brother- I wonder what he is concentrating on…; Eli is running the “apple master”, which cuts and cores apples. We dehydrated them afterward, which turned a $5, 3 lb. bag of apples into a sandwich-sized bag of apple chips, which he wouldn’t eat. Hmm.; Tomatoes from the summer garden being turned into marinara sauce. Nom nom.



Art Star Craft Bazaar 2012


That was the weather this weekend at Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philadelphia, where I spent the weekend with my sweet, generous Mom. She helped me lug my block printed fabrics and home goods and display up the hill at Penns Landing, set the booth up with me, and even manned the iPad while I did way too much shopping at the other vendors’ booths.

Thanks, Mom!!

One of the things that was so exciting about Art Star, besides being my first two-day show and my first show in Philadelphia, was that it was the first opportunity to set up my booth that Dan and I have been working hard on for the past month! I wanted to have a space that was inviting and home-like, while also taming the visual clutter that can result from the many varied patterns and colors in my products.

I think we pulled it off! We started with a small table in the middle of the booth that breaks down for easy transport. We added two chairs on the side and a drum pendant above to create a little breakfast table area. I used coffee mugs as holders for my business cards, and added a simple pot of flowers- they looked pretty and also kept our table runner from blowing away.

On the left is a door that we found at a local flea market. We painted it green, added Bjarnum hooks from Ikea and hung our kitchen towels from doll clothes hangers. To continue our “Home Sweet Home” theme, we found two old windows from a different flea market, which Dan stained grey and finished, and to which I applied my fabric to the back side. Several people asked if we sold finished pieces like this, which surprised me, but definitely gives me something to think about!

I added a gallery on Flickr where you can see more pictures of the booth display, if you’re interested.

We definitely had a good time at the show! I loved so many of the vendors and their goods. I had more time to walk around and talk to people than I usually have at shows, and it was really wonderful. I got to catch up with talented folks that I’d met before, like Rachel of Red Prairie Press and Sara Lee Parker. I got to meet new folks too, like my new block printing kindred spirit (and new Philadelphia resident) Chanee of {me}longings studio, and Noelle from Xenotees.

There’s a funny story there. I’ve been wanting this one damn shirt from Xenotees for a while. Like a year or two. My husband, being a good man, looks on my Etsy favorites list to buy me Christmas and birthday presents. He has bought me at least two shirts from Xenotees, which are well on their way to being worn out, but not the one I had in mind. So… Happy Mother’s Day to me! The shirt is finally mine! I also got awesome shirts for the boys (will share photos before they manage to ruin them) and mother’s day presents for my lovely helper.

There were other things that I saw that I did manage to abstain from, at least for now. I loved this rocking horse from Sawyer Bee for our youngest, who is already a thrill seeker at 18 months old. There was jewelry from Interstellar Love Craft, and someone who was in the booth across from me, who I can’t remember right now, but I’ll make sure to look up and share.

So we had a great time, and loved our Philadelphia weekend at Art Star. Time to take a few days to rest, and then get back to work to get ready for the Delaware By Hand Members Show on May 26th!