frequently asked questions

What is block printing?
Block printing is a method of printing on fabric or paper in which a design is carved into a printing block, ink is applied to the block, and then the block is pressed onto fabric. In my case, I use a dense foam for the printing block that is applied to a plexiglass backing. This method does not allow for as much detail as with linoleum or wood blocks, but does create a nicely saturated print.

Are the fabrics washable?
Yes. You can wash and dry the fabrics, or have them dry-cleaned. I recommend using a gentle cycle with cold water. The ink is relatively colorfast, but over repeated washings (such as with the kitchen towels), the fabrics will develop a weathered appearance and soft hand.

Are all your fabrics organic?
Not all- the table linens that I currently use are a conventional linen/cotton blend, for example- but I do try to use sustainable fabrics, and I do label products appropriately. If you have a question about a particular fabric, just ask!

Can I iron the fabric?
Yes. The hemp/organic cotton fabric can be ironed on the cotton setting with steam. The hemp/soy kitchen towels should be ironed on a cooler setting, such as silk, because the soy fiber is sensitive to heat.

Can you print on a fabric I provide?
Probably. Contact me with the details about your fabric and we’ll see if we can work something out!

Can I request samples?
Sure! Since the inks are hand-mixed, the colors will vary slightly from batch to batch. We can send a sample to give you a better idea of what the color will look compared to what you can see on a computer monitor.

What kinds of ink do you use?
I use a water-based professional fabric ink. It’s relatively colorfast, but will soften up and develop a weathered appearance with repeated washings.

Can you match a custom color?
If none of my own colors will work for a project, I can try to match a custom color. There is a $30 charge to match a color, and I’ll send a sample for your approval before I print your order.

Can you make goods in custom sizes?
Yes. Email me with the details of your order, and I’ll be happy to work with you.

How long does it take to print a custom order?
I try to get orders printed within three weeks. If I’m very busy or if I need to order supplies to fill an order, then I’ll let you know.

Do you sell on a wholesale basis?
Not currently.

Do you accept returns?
I will accept returns on home goods within 30 days as long as they haven’t been washed or damaged. I cannot accept returns on custom-printed yardage.

Can I make and resell things made from your fabric?
Sure! I’d appreciate a credit to Home Sweet for the fabric in your product description, and would love to see pictures of what you make!

Can you ship internationally?
Yes, although the shipping on lampshades can be quite expensive. Contact me for a specific quote.

How can your fabrics fit into a modest decorating budget?
The labor-intensive nature of block printing, and the use of high-quality, sustainable fabrics means that the fabrics and home goods cannot be made cheaply, however there are a few ways that my work can be included on a smaller budget. I offer a number of affordable items, such as pillow covers and kitchen towels, that can add a handprinted accent to a room. I can also print custom orders on finished goods that you provide (please contact me to discuss the suitability of your goods for a project). Finally, it is possible to print borders on window treatments or other home goods, which would cost less than printing an allover pattern. The printed borders must add up to at least one yard of printed area.